Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Incredulous Disbelief

The screaming teenager, face twisted in hate and anger, can not be the baby I nurtured in my womb, gave birth to, breastfeed until 2.5 years, the boy I aored with my entire being.

Because my baby boy would never tell his mother to shut the fuck up in front of his gf and her friend.(He lost this week's allowance by the way).

What I really wanted to do was put him in his place. He is not the king. He needs to stop paying his dad against me. He needs to get a grip on reality.

Heeds to show me a modicum of respect and I am going after his dad who will stop undermining my authority unless he wants to be single. No more of that shit. The preferential treament has got to stop as well. There are two parents here and if we can't work together we will parent apart.

This kid needs to get semi-shaped up before I start nursing school.

I mean it(using evil mommy angry glare)

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