Saturday, July 5, 2008

Marriage Isn't For The Faint of Heart

I was tired today. Really tired. I am not sure when I finally fell asleep with the mortars going off around me. At 1:30p.m. my ever so pleasant husband came saying loudly, "Gonna sleep all day?" Maybe. What's it to you? This is when I wished I lived alone.

Spouse gets up at 5a.m. naturally. He goes to bed by 10p.m. I never harp on him about that. Right now on Mondays and Wednesdays I get home at 10p.m. because of my nutrition class. He stays awake to say hi and then down he goes. I have no trouble with this because spouse is biologically programmed to be asleep by 10:30p.m. Why can't he accept that on weekends I tend to catch up on sleep I miss dring the week?

Sheep! It's sounds like some one is shooting a rifle outside. I know it's fireworks but damn, it's scary. I'd never make it on the housing projects. The noise skeers me.

I was up for about 4 hours today and then I fell asleep again. I just could not keep my eyes open. When I woke up I got a get enough sleep snotty comment. Seriously I should have said no because I'm still tired.

BBB left very early for Young Life camp. It's very quiet. I know he's going to have an awesome time with his nest friend and many of the kids he goes to school with (the nice ones). High school is still a terrible place. Kids are so mean to each other. The teachers have too many students and the counselors have no ideas who their kids are and they lack the knowledge needed to help the kids graduate to the new requirements. I know because I'm dealing with BBB's issues. If I hadn't jumped in his "counselor" would have left him in a 2 year math class even though he flunked the first semester rendering the entire two years invalid.

I don't remember graduation being so hard back in the stone age. Did I get straight A's? Hell no. I got a D or two because I was forced to move and change high schools in my junior year leaving me pissed, annoyed and enraged. It's so hard to fit in at a high school level but entering a southern cal hs in the middle of november in my junior year.........stunk. I made it worse with a bad attitude. They couldn't even match my classes. I got stuck in normal english! No honors. The HORROR! Everyone was tan and blond and to my imagined intellectual superiority they were pretty stupid. Yes, BBB IS my payback from my mother, karma and the Lord. I was 16, didn't the world revolve around me? Doesn't it still? Bwahahahah. I wish.

Why is it so difficult to communicate validly with my spouse? I can talk to anyone else. Why can't I just say what I'm thinking? Why does he get so defensive? Why doesn't he "hear" me?

My most common thought Why can't life and marriage be easy? I know, I'm such a dreamer. A fairly cynical dreamer, but a dreamer none the less.

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