Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teens Suck, inside version

Do I look like a slave? Have I in any way made you think I was subservient? Do I seem as if I enjoy being ordered around?

My little twerp of a 17 year old is peeved at me(what's new?)because he mentioned at 10:30P.M., right after I picked him up at his GF's house, that he has 2 baseball games tommorow. He just got his cast off today. The doctor said don't jump into pitching, work it in slowly. Not to mention the kid never thanked me for any of the other specific things I did for him today.

Yet I'm supposed to get up at 6:30 A.M. and drive him to God knows where so he can play baseball with a team that has treated him like shit, with his unstretched and therefore vulnerable tendons and muscles? Oh and I'd have to blow off school to do it. My career and education are totally unimportant to the spoiled brat that is my son.

Argh. He just tried to go out w/o asking again. Dude! I am the mother and if you continue to disrespect me I'm turning off your phone, ya hear? After that it'll be the internet.

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