Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm already tired of negative campaign ads and there's months left. ARGH. I may need to turn off my tv or commit hari-kari to survive. If I never saw another political ad it would be too soon.

Is Jesse Jackson a moron or what? Why is one powerful black man saying things to bring down another powerful black man? Jealousy. Cuz Jesse never got this close to being president. I don't care why, I do not want to know whose nuts Jackson wants to cut off. EVER!

Is A-Rod one of the stupidest and most arrogant jerk on earth? Imbecile. Flaunt Madonna and kabbalah in your wife's face...what did you think dude she'd sit there and let you make a fool out of her. 3 months after giving birth to your second child. A-Rod you are pathetic and I'm so glad you left Seattle when ya did. If you were my husband I would do a Bobbitt with a dull fork on you. For shore.

New sex symbols~Olympic athletes with washboard stomachs and fast fast times. Male for me. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Michael Phelps can swim in my pool any day as long as he never speaks a word. I just like the way he looks not what he has to say. Swim like a shark baby and set more world records. That's what I like in a man.

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