Monday, July 14, 2008

What brain?

My pal from nutrition class could not remeber her basic anatomy tonight at lecture. We're going over proteins and how important the liver is in this process and she had forgotten that the bile duct and the pancreatic duct kind of merge into the small intestine at a juncture. Basic stuff. It's way cool to read all this complex amino acid and essential enzymes and understand what they are for and how they work. I did learn in A&P. I've retained quite a bit. Cool. I love being a jump up on most. The chemistry I learned last summer is coming in handy as well. All the prep classes are melding together to make my comprehension high.

It makes me feel smart but also impatient. I felt like telling my pal to get out the anatomy book and review the basics otherwise pharmacology is gonna kill her. She hasn't taken chem or the 200 series in anatomy either.

The rest of my brain is rotting from excessive heat and teenager input.

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