Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Random Thoughts

I adore HGTV and flip shows.

If I could marry one of the Property Brothers, preferably Jonathon, I would.

I have all kinds of awesome designs ideas but no budget plus I live in a rental.  Sigh.

I am slightly addicted.

If I ever won the lotto I would buy myself a home on Nantucket.

I adore the simple shingle houses with the classic architecture.

The wood floor, the wood ceilings, the art wood walls are glorious.

I love the idea of living on an island.

I miss the Atlantic.  Which I haven't seen in 30 some odd years.

I miss the East Coast.

I may have it build up unrealistically in my mind but I'd like the opportunity to find out.

I want Joanna Gaines and Jonathon Scott to decorate my 4500 sq foot house on Nantucket.

My only requirements~lots of teal/oceany colors and comfortable furniture from sectionals to beds to window seats.

Oh and indoor and outdoor fireplaces.  Top of the line appliances.  A/C is a must because I haven't lived in humidity since I was 16 years old.  Us old folks like to be comfortable.

It's freakin' Nantucket!  One MUST have window seats to read on and to dream about anything and everything.

I'd need art quality quilts on every bed and more just to cuddle up with.

All beach casual because this girl does not do formal.

Day dreaming makes my life bearable some days, because I am working/sleeping most of the time.