Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Education

Remember all those years I spent in school?

Not a waste of time, yet not that applicable in my day to day nursing.

On the job training is teaching me HUGE amounts of practical knowledge.

When to call 9-1-1.

When to use my own judgement on something like handing out tylenol and tums/MOM/antacids. At my facility over half of the residents have med techs handing out their meds. Med techs cannot give anything without a doctor's order.

At skilled nursing facilities there are certain meds nurses can use their own judgement on like ibuprofen, tylenol, stool softeners, etc.

At my facility only the nurse (aka me when I'm on) can dispense unordered over the counter meds.

I caught the med tech calling the nursing director over a request for tums.

I advised her I had the authority to dispense certain things especially at night when doctors or nursing directors are not readily available.

Who says being a mom did not prepare me for being a nurse? (chuckles)

I've also learned most emergencies aren't really emergencies. Not in assisted living. Residents will NOT die if they get their pain meeds an hour late. Residents will not die if I miss checking their blood sugar before one meal.

The residents are quite durable. (So yes, I am using a tone of irony here...)

Thank the Lord.

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Sandra said...

As a third year nursing student, you have now become my newest mentor. Teach me everything you know because lord knows they aren't doing it in school! When I have to go into the hospital to do my clinical rotation, I will drown like a cat in a bag full of brick!