Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Surprise, Suprise

I have pissed off my teenager again. I thought I was teasing him but he says I was angry and mean. Um...................ok. What drugs are you on son? Do you all know what it's like living with a hypersensitive teenager with hormones running amok and drama being his middle name? OY! It's a headache.

I am tired. Mentally, physically and attutudinally.


Shinade said...

Hi Janice,
Wow I have been away forever. And yes I learned while I was away exactly what you are going through.

A 1 month trip to visit my daughter turned into 5 months.

And I spent them with two teen age grandsons. I love them but I thought they would drive me nuts.

I joined your group. It's good to be back in contact!!:-))

mauniejames3 said...

Janice honey...wish I could tell you it gets least you have only one...

I miss you and hope everything else is good...

take care and jot a note when you can.