Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slighty Off The Path

When I was a younger girl I wasn't the girl imagining weddings and tulle and bridesmaid. I had never planned out a wedding until I actually got married in my low key budget minded wedding.

I realized lately that many young girls play "wedding" quite a bit. I used to play war with my younger brothers and their friends. I was always the General and they always had to do what I said. Sounds more like me, doesn't it?

I know girls and women who think the wedding in the be all and end all. Nope. It's just the first day of your marriage.

I was the girl who read in the willow tree instead of playing tag. Adventuring across the world held my attention more than getting "frozen" in tag.

I am me. I'm not a total rebel but I'm not a conformer either. I think I was the vote for Ronald Reagan in Orange County, CA in the 1980 presidential. Living among right wingers never influenced my liberal political views.

I had a wonderful childhood for 16 years. Then I got pissed. How dare my parents move me 2000 miles in the middle of my junior year? I spread my anger and my selfish indignant rage with anyone within 10 feet of me. I had so much growing up to do.

My life since 1986 has been full of sharp turns on the road. Through the bad and difficult times I did the best I could. In the calm valleys I learned to breathe and how to utilize what I learned from the difficult time.

My life road is twisty and curvy and hangs on the edge of cliffs here and there. That's just fact. I have learned many lessons on my life road and have more to go.

Lesson this week: One might have to conform to reach one's goals. This seems less painful that stapling my mouth shut.

What do you think?

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mauniejames3 said...

Your on the right road...don't let things get to you...oh I thought you had only a teenage bad
you can only do so much...take things easy honey.