Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long Week

Even with Monday and Wednesday being off from classes and me getting tons of sleep those two days, it twas a long week.

Thursday morning was dark and rainy as I drove to school with my carpool partner. She is a very bright woman, originally from India 4 years ago, who obsesses when she doesn't get perfect grades.

I myself tend to take a test and let it go. My 104 scores 89, 92 and 94.7. I was actually below the class average for a few weeks. I still had an A. I have a 99 in Pharmacology.

Our 104 tests are tricky and include fictional situations that take critical thinking. Ethics and moral and legal ramifications are very important in health car. My car pool person was brought up in an area where ethics aren't an option. One never questions a teacher or a doctor and moral dilemmas just don't exist.

She's been driving me a little cuckoo asking about all these things. She relentlessly questions anyone who will answer but myself and another friend in particular. 2-3 woman have perfect grades in 104 and it's driving her nutso because she can't figure out how to do that. She has a 91% average. She's in country that doesn't speak her native language and is culturally 180 degrees from what she is used to.

If she asks me again about test questions after a test is over I may just whack her upside the head.

She means no harm but OY once the test is over it's freakin over. I am ambitious but I'm not trying for 4.0 throughout the program. Some of this is about learning skills that can't be quantified by grades.

She's gonna dwive me cwazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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