Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is this why I worked so hard?

3 years of anatomy and torture, math classes, writing classes, psych classes, chemistry, medical terminology, microbiology, communications, algebra, etc. I worked my ass off to get here.

So why do I feel unsure? Slightly less than challenged. Kinda let down?

Perhaps nursing theory and reality are worlds apart. Or that no one pats us on the back. Encouragement is an excellent motivator but I don't feel encouraged by my spouse, my kids, my invisible friends, the staff.................I know I come off as smart and confident but that is a shell.

How can I validate what I'm doing? The grade thing is not the best way for me, I tend to put too much stick in grades. I got an 88% on my second pharm test. OK I missed a few questions. Is that going to make me a terrible nurse? Of course not.

Now how can I explain that to me?

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