Monday, October 20, 2008


That's how I feel today. Numb. No school as it was a teacher work day(who knew they had these at community colleges).

I did read the voter's pamphlet this afternoon. I had no idea we had socialists running for president! I found it all most amusing. Now I am infomred about almost everything on the ballot except the judges. How does one find out facts about the judges?

I ran into my first real life Sarah Palin supporter today. I almost fell over when she said Palin was great! I had no clue my neighborhood was harboring Republicans! =:-0

Clinical tomorrow, then Wednesday off and back to tests and classes Thursday, Friday.

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Bertamom said...

Yeah, the Republicans in my neighborhood are putting out "Yes on Prop 8" signs -- that's the initiative that would ban same sex marriage in Calif. I promptly printed out several "No on 8" signs for my front window, my car, my daughter's car, etc.

I think we should just elect Tina Fey - she's much more fun than Sarah Palin! ;-)