Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend, at the beach, Geo launched a verbal attack on me when he was supposed to be angry at BBB. He's concerned that at my weight I won't finish or succeed in the nursing program. I gave him a look that said(not that he would get any of this) screw you, I know I can succeed, I don't need you and you're such an ass.

He did a similar thing last week. So nice to know that my spouse believes in me. My 17yo asked me why his dad did not believe in me. I said I don't know. Maybe he feels threatened. I'll have my own money and will be able to leave if I want to. He said I don't understand what dad's problem is. Me either bud. I don't think he got any encouragement growing up. I do know his family never "talked" about anything important. Still don't, for the most part.

I suppose I was supposed to fail when it came to school. He keeps binging up my algebra class and that I had to take it more than once. Passed it jerk. Maybe it took me a year but I passed it with a 100% in the final. Screw you.

He keeps bringing up my past history of never finishing. I'm like just because I get distracted while cleaning doesn't mean I'm gonna fail at life. I made it through the death of our son didn't I?

Now he brought up the meds I take. The only meds added in the past year are the bp med and the cholesterol med. He thinks the meds make me shaky and uncoordinated. Dude, have you not paid attention? I've never been coordinated unless in the water. 22 years and he doesn't notice.

He's so blind. Too bad he'll never be able to see how I have accomplished and how much more I will accomplish.

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