Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Happy I Wasn't born Earlier

I was watching Mad Med tonight. The show is set in 1962 among a Madison Ave ad agency where souls were sold as much as hard liquor.

Women were screwed back then. Had to be perfect housewives. Or Secretaries. Men dictated the social strata.

If your spouse cheated it was because you let him stray.

Thank goodness for women's lib!!!!

I'm not perfect at anything. I'm ok with that. Neither is my spouse perfect.

It took our society until the 90's to discuss mental illness with significant stigma. Women weren't depressed, they had "nerves". Bull shit.

We still have so far to go when groups like the Taliban won't let women even learn to read, outside without a male escort and many middle Eastern men "honor" kill their daughters or sisters because they fear their families have been ruined. If these girls aren't virgins the gov'ts look the other way while they are killed. In the year 2008.

Islam seems to be interpreted by males for males.

The high rate of dying while giving birth is still a sad reality in the third world. The US's rate should be better and our NIH and CDC's cannot figure out why Australia and Japan have much higher survival rates for their newborns.

This is not a fair world. I know this. I want to make a difference. Some where. Some how. I think nursing school is step one.

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