Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Much Running Through My Head

Besides the stuff I need to know for tests, case studies and clinicals.

Except a pure pleasure knowing that it's a democratic world once again. Oh Yeah. A democratic congress, a democratic senate, a democrat in the white house. Lots of work to do but I feel some hope for the first time in 8 years.

My state has a democratic governor and legislature. We have lack of money issues to cope with but the folks who care about the health and education are in power.

Since the state of Washington paid for half of my AA degree I'd like to keep scholarships and grants going for other students. Most of my nursing school mates have scholarships. Silly me, who knew they were avalable? NOT ME. Duh.

I hope the extreme partisanship ebbs and cooperation flows so we can have a more effective government in this country. I will be praying for that.

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Bertamom said...

Me too! Along with the safety of our new president and his family - that worries me. On the national level, I'm very pleased. As for our state - not so much. Budget shortfall is major, and our govenator wants to take MORE money from education. *sigh* And up the sales tax. And add sales tax to things like car repairs, vet visits, etc. AND now that Prop 8 passed, that needs to go to the courts and get SLAMMED DOWN. Sorry, do I sound cranky? I'm feelin' pretty cranky . . .