Friday, March 12, 2010

Blame Game

Once again, it's all MY fault.


Youngest son got a job with a nearby hardware box store. Woohoo! No more "borrowing".

YS needs a copy of his birth certificate.

Since we moved in here 2 years ago, many boxes have been left packed. I have no clue where his bc is. My spouse use to have a locked file cabinet where he kept such things.

He tells me he's looked through his stuff several times(bull-choo)and he doesn't have it.

Therefore it is MY fault. As per usual.

Whenever something happens it's my fault. I'm getting freaking ass tired of it too.

Moving brings out the worst in us as a couple. Every time we move I was to get a divorce. Divorce by hatchet. Now that is cutting the ties that bind!

He doesn't do any packing until the last minute and then throws stuff in unmarked boxes and or gives it to Good Will.

So how he's sitting to the right of me, I'm on the couch and he's on the love seat. I can feel waves of anger and disgust washing over me.

I want to scream all of my displeasure of the past 23 years but I have too much self-control and because I'd end up in the looney bin. And let's just face it~looney bins have lost all cachet.

It's so joyful to have a passive/aggressive spouse. There's not enough Xanax in the world mellow him out.

Marriage really sucks.


Nezzy said...

I don't know how many times I sent off for another birth certificate for my daughter during those almost adult times. I just wanted to pop in and wish ya a happy Easter.

God bless and have the best day!!!

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, I was just droppin' by to see how you were.

God bless and have a terrific Thrusday!!!