Thursday, October 8, 2009

One of those Days

where everything begins to feel like pressure. I need some dental work done~no money not the greatest insurance. Spouses has been jobless since January, we are quickly running low on money. Seems difficult as hell to look for jobs as an LPN online.

Pupples is getting huge and 21yo is starting to realize he really doesn't want to change his entire life foe this animal.........what's a mom to do where everyone is happy and not overburdened?

Being a mom can really suck. Just had to say it. Teenage boys suck. Luckily I am not a violent person. I'm all talk I would never harm anyone physically and I try hard not to emotionally as well.

Spouse is not a fun guy on the best days(hardened into grumpy type) but after months and months w/o a job he's getting crotchety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SAVE ME.

We had a small argument because I said a shrub and a bush were basically the same thing and he disagreed. DUDE! Words are my thing, don't mess with me. On the reading test for nursing school I scored at a Ph.D reading level. Words are fun to play with. I like to write. I peruse my thesaurus and read the dictionary as a child so spouse don't question my verbiage. :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Being a mom can suck at times. I have three girls, aged 13, 9 and soon-to-be 8, so I sympathize. Keep hanging in there and you will get the job you desire.

BTW, I agree. Shrub and bush are the same, just depends on where you are from for which word you will use. You-1 Grumpy Non-Verbiage Having Husband-0 :).

Penny \IiiI